Gift Registry Design Services
We bring you 10 years of experience in building gift registries and online stores, from internationally known stores on Park Ave. to boutiques in St. Louis.

We have overseen

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Solarek Studio builds and maintains e-commerce stores and gift registries for national brands and retailers that sell home goods. We work for brands, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. We conduct this business from our headquarters in New York City, a city which is at the heart of the home goods industry in the U.S.

Our Clients

Tableware brands represented by Solarek Studio
We work with 600+ clients across the U.S. We seek clients that want to energize the industry and work in new ways to engage customers.

One of our notable services is Bridge, which syncs products between brands' and retailers' websites.

Client Testimonial

Tim Kutz
Vice President
DeVine Corp.

"Working with Solarek Studio has been an extremely positive experience. The end result has exceeded our expectations on every level. Our website not only looks beautiful, but is a functional B to B tool plus a retail profit center. We have already received numerous comments that our site is the best in our industry. The continual customer service and insight into search ranking has been invaluable to our success." ~ Tim Kutz

Our Services

  1. We build sites that bring in new customers. New customers mainly find our clients' sites via Google. This is possible because we build sites from the first sketch with Google in mind. Customers also come to our clients' sites via other websites, such as blogs. These are sales that otherwise would not exist. Once our store is found in Google, our e-commerce sites mirror what would occur in a store. Our sites market the product, and then the customer conducts the 'checkout.'

  2. We also boost sales with a client's current customers.

  3. We move business operations online resulting in cost savings. For example, showing a person items online is cheaper than sending a print catalog. Furthermore, there is cost savings in that a website isn't thrown away like paper. Instead of spending $1k on a magazine ad and getting four sales leads, we spend $1k online and get the same amount of sales leads each month thereafter. A website is an investment that lives on; print ads die after the print piece is put in the trash.

  4. We increase the amount of knowledge in a company, and make it easy to share product and market information. We also allow people to store and review past purchases and information.

Our Business Network

  1. There is strength in numbers. The sum of our network provides leverage with brands, manufacturers, and distributors.

  2. We can easily and quickly compare retailer information (e.g. sales statistics) to notice new developments.

  3. We are in touch with your industry�s needs, and can quickly add features to help boost sales based upon experience with our other similar clients.

  4. We work with many brands. Our past experience with national brands increases the likelihood that more brands will join us in the future. This helps retailers since we can share the brand�s products with retailers' websites via our product sharing platform.

Delivery of Our Services

From our office in the East Village of Manhattan, we provide the services by phone, e-mail, and in person. We send business ideas and design to clients for review by e-mail. Once approved, we build the idea on the client's website.

We save clients money by allowing the client to not have full-time IT employees, nor have people physically working on site. The payment structure is freelance, so the client has no exposure besides the agreed upon costs to build and maintain the site.

Contact us

Jason Solarek
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