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Date: March 18, 2006
Type: Other
Header: GreenCard Environmental Program
Notes: How to use the Green Card:

1. Show this card at time of purchase to a Green Card participating retailer.
2. The retailer will provide you with minimal packaging for your purchase.
3. Feel good. You got yourself something, and helped save the planet.

Why use this card?
- 30 million disposable plastic knives are thrown out each day
- 25 million trees are cut down each week for shopping bags
- Millions more reasons at: (site not up yet)

The purpose of the Green Card is give consumers an easy tool to save excess materials at the time of purchase. The card does NOT have to be swiped to be used; it is in essence a quick visual symbol to say “give me the least amount of packaging, unless otherwise requested.� If desired, the card’s magnetic strip could be swiped in order to help track purchases and monitor how much is saved by this card’s users.

The card could also be a branding opportunity for a company which seeks to capture the cachet of being environmentally friendly. Potential partner companies include: American Express, Toyota, Land’s End, and the Bank of America.

Status: Active

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